INNOVENT e.V. Technologieentwicklung Jena

INNOVENT is a non-profit, applied research institution founded in 1994 in Jena (Germany). The main research and development activities are focused on surface engineering, biomaterials and magnetic & optical systems. Currently, INNOVENT has about 160 employees working in five research departments well equipped with laboratories for material fabrication and characterization, including biological testing, as well as with facilities for surface activation and advanced coating processes and application testing.

Research activities of INNOVENT include applied as well as fundamental research in cooperation with internationally acting large industrial companies, SMEs, universities and other research organizations.

Interdisciplinary research activities in the Biomaterials Department are directed to the synthesis and characterisation of new biocompatible polymeric materials for advanced medi­cal applications. Broad knowledge and long-term practical know-how exist in the synthesis and modification of biodegradable polymers and biopolymers as well as in biofunctionalisation techniques of implant surfaces to optimize cell-material-interactions. Electrospinning is an established technique to fabricate nano- or microstructured three-dimensional scaffolds. Furthermore, a current field of interest is the development of macromer materials for Rapid Engineering techniques like Two-Photon Polymerization. Considering our background we will have a leading role in biofunctionalization (WP5) and will actively participate in material and process development WP2, WP4, WP6 and WP7.