Activities and Results

ArtiVasc 3D will provide a micro- and nano-scale based manufacturing and functionalisation technology for the generation of fully vascularised bioartificial tissue that enables entire nutrition and metabolism. The bioartificial vascularised skin engineered in ArtiVasc 3D will, for the first time, allow tissue replacement with optimum properties.
In a multidisciplinary approach, experts in biomaterial development, cell-matrix interaction, angiogenesis, tissue engineering, simulation, design and rapid manufacturing methods work together to generate bioartificial vascularised skin in a fully automated and standardized manufacturing approach.

This bioartificial vascularised skin will be of great value in a vast array of clinical treatments, e.g. as a transplant in trauma treatment. In addition it will be used as an innovative in vitro skin equivalent for pharmaceutical, cosmetics or chemical substance testing.



Material, design and functionalisation

The overall goal of this WPis to provide a new tailored material combination that fulfills the requirements for soft tissue engineering and which is useful to combine ink-jet printing, multiphoton polymerization and electrospinning processes as well as biofunctionalization.


Process and machine development

The overall goal of this WP is to develop a combined process which integrates the three technologies Inkjet, MPP and Electro-spinning to build up the vascularized scaffold.


Tissue generation and validation

The overall objective of this WP is to achieve a detailed understanding of characteristics and functions of vascular cells in contact with novel materials to optimise the establishment of composite vascular systems.