University of Stuttgart USTUTT

Institute for Interfacial Engineering IGVT


The Institute for Interfacial Engineering IGVT (Director Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth) is spezialized on the characterization, design and functionalization of surfaces of organic, inorganic and biological origin as well as of nano-, bio- and hybrid materials and their interaction.

IGVT’s working group for Chemical Interfacial Engineering CGVT focuses on the development of biomaterials, biomimetic functional layers for medical and biotechnological applications, core-shell nano- and microparticles with a focus on biomimetic shells and molecular recognition in general. In the Artivasc 3D project USTUTT contributes with research on biofunctional coatings for artificial blood vessel-like supply systems and research on biofunctional ink formulations for inkjet-printing applications.

IGVT’s working group for Medical Interfacial Engineering MGVT works on 3-D Tissue Engineering, generation of vascularized tissue, organoid human test systems as a substitute for animal experiments and tissue-specific bioreactors development. They will investigate the interaction of endothelial cells aund adipocytes with the biomaterials developed within Artivasc 3D.

The IGVT disposes of sophisticated equipment for interfacial engineering based on chemical, physical-chemical, physical, biochemical, cell-biological and biotechnological research.