Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM

Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik IWM
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All thematic challenges that the Fraunhofer IWM deals with are considered from the point of view of the material. In other words, we look at how material properties and component behavior change as a result of mechanical, thermal, chemical or electrical loads imposed on the material by technology or in use.

We look for weak points and defects in components and identify their physical causes in order to prevent them from arising in the first place at the design phase, or to master their effects once they do arise. We find the link between material microstructure, material properties and anisotropy in order to better understand materials. We investigate how component miniaturization affects functionality and manufacturability. We develop the necessary test procedures, diagnosis techniques, modeling concepts and simulation tools. We model material properties and calculate them using multi-scale simulations. We simulate the changes in material properties that arise during production and make suggestions on how to improve the process controls. We predict the operational behavior of the components in experimental and virtual testing labs and, in a process of »reverse design«, optimize the material or the component on the basis of the operational behavior. We develop coatings, coating processes and evaluation methods for tool and component surfaces.

In the ArtiVasc 3D project, we offer our long experience of material and implant testing (WP2) and our expertise concerning fluid-mechanical simulations and dimensioning of blood vessel system (WP3).